When characters first start with magic, they will only be able to conjure one element at a time. At level 20 magic you will unlock a quest, once completed your magic will develop into ether you will also gain the title Archmage. Through advancing to ether you are now able to dual wield orbs . You will also gain access to new skills, giving you the ability to combine elements and cast much more powerful spells. Combining spells works like so;

  • You have various skills, such as Fireball , or Earth Spike on your action bars
  • Select any skill (there are loads of combinations to learn) this will charge your first orb with that spell
  • Press any other skill, even the one you just selected, this will charge your second orb
  • Select your target, and press your Combine Spells skill
  • Watch the chaos!

You can charge your orbs while moving, but while combining and firing, you will need to stop if you wish to have the fastest cast time possible. You can stop moving mid cast and the remaining cast time will be lowered.

There are some skills which are castable while moving. These are often unique spells which do not fire at targets, such as Gust and Earth Spike being combined to create Sandstorm.

Through your Magic Talent Tree , General Talent Tree , various Race Traits , and Buffs , you are able to reduce your cast time.

While you are casting, if you are hit with a critical hit, or a knock back skill, your character will become Staggered . This will add extra time to the casting of the spell, or slow the remaining time while the character recovers.

If you are fleeing/have your back to the enemy, you may be slowed, or Knocked Down , which you will have to recover from. Being Staggered will be affected by Diminishing Returns

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