Achievements are small challenges or tasks that a player may complete in order to gain rewards, achievement points and boasting rights.

  • The amount of achievement points you recieve depend on the difficulty of the Achievement.
  • There will be milestones for amounts of achievement points, resulting in a reward. for example, when you get your first achievement you could recieve an Exp boost for a chosen skill. (Exp rewards will be for easy/low level achievements)
  • Upon reaching a high amount of achievement points you may recieve an Epic mount, or Tabard.
  • Most (If not all) rewards from achievement points will be purely cosmetical, this will mean players who have been playing for an extended period of time will not have a huge advantage over new players who would not be able to gain these achievements.
  • You can also gain rewards from completing single hard achievements.
  • A lot of achievments will be based on milestones, such as overall 'Bosses killed' amounts, and mobs killed.